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New Eyes For the Needy is non-profit organization that has been collecting and distributing eyeglasses to those in need since 1932.
They assist children, the working poor, and the elderly across the United States and around the world. With the help of New Eyes, children are better able to learn, adults can find employment, and the elderly continue to live their lives safely.

A few years ago we moved our warehouse operation. At that time we realized we were storing several thousand of pairs of reading glasses and sunglasses that we were no longer offering for sale on our website, We remembered the organization New Eyes For the Needy and thought that it would be a great place to donate the old inventory. As one of our founders said at the time:

“Growing up every so often I would go with my father to drop off our family's old eyeglasses at New Eyes for the Needy.  He explained to me that there were many people in the world who couldn’t’ afford to buy glasses even though they needed them.  In this way New Eyes for the Needy has always been part of my model of philanthropy and social responsibility.”

It is therefore not surprising that New Eyes for the Needy was the first place the came to mind when we found that surplus of eyewear in our warehouse a few years ago.

Since then, as company we have been searching for a way to work with New Eyes on a more regular basis. From its conception Readers of the Month was imagined with the idea of incorporating a relationship with New Eyes. We admire their mission of helping people not only in other parts of the world but right here in the United States.

A pair of glasses can be the difference between a child learning or merely attending class. For adults with declining vision, it can be the difference between whether or not they are able to work and support their family. The gift of sight has the power to transform lives of those who are less fortunate and often is the catalyst for changing their socio-economic situation for the better.

This is why we chose to donate a pair of eyewear to New Eyes For The Needy for every new subscription we receive. When you invite your friends to join Readers of the Month, you will get a $5 credit to your account (which feels pretty good) BUT we think it feels even better to know that additionally a pair of eyewear is being donated to someone in need. To find out more about New Eyes For the Needy or to make a donation (in the form of unwanted eyewear or cash) Click Here.